Our Business


The Gurit Tooling division is the largest independent manufacturer of plugs and moulds for wind turbine blades worldwide. The Gurit Tooling scope of activity today reaches beyond wind turbine blade moulds and also specialises in welded transport systems for wind turbine blades and tower elements, as well as increasingly offering its quality mould making capability for other large scale industrial structures such as boat hulls, spars, and other series components relying on accurate moulds.

With over 500 skilled employees worldwide dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacture and service of composite tooling, Gurit is a prime engineering and sourcing partner for quality moulds delivered to client specification in short lead times and at very competitive prices worldwide.

Gurit Tooling Offers:

  • Design and manufacturing of master plugs and moulds
  • Automatic mould closing system
  • Hydraulic Mould Clamping Systems
  • Mould Heating Systems
  • Jigs Fixtures tooling for wind blade manufacturing
  • Transport tooling for wind blade manufacturing