Manufacturing Process


Automotive Carbon Body Structure Process

Current Mould Tools

3 types of tooling designs are used dependent on the build rate demand from our valued customers.

Carbon Mould Tool

For the purpose of low build rates, minimal maintenance, and acceptable to product designed profiled undercut conditions with Gurit Class-A surface finish.

Machined Steel Billet Mould Tool

For the purposes of low build rates. Incorporating built in vacuum circuit, Thermal fluid circulation system and multi-mould tool surfaces for the advantages of moulding several components during one cure cycle.

Nickel Shell Tooling

For the purpose of maximum build rates. Incorporates built in vacuum circuit, Thermal fluid circulation and a Class-A surface conditions that responds sensitively to programmed cure cycle temperature ramps that allows us an approximate 80 minute cure cycle to produce a fully cured, dimensionally controlled ‘A’ and ‘B’ surface CBS panel.