Gurit Mission

Gurit Mission


Each of these words is carefully chosen and encompasses a bigger message:

DELIVERING: The term implies that we are a highly professional company that delivers what we promise, both in terms of material supply and technology solutions. Each and every one at Gurit contributes to our overall performance as a Group.

THE FUTURE: We want to go beyond what is standard today. Therefore, we want to reduce the entry barriers to the use of composites. Innovation and the conversion of existing markets from traditional materials to composites as well as the creation and penetration of emerging new composite applications and markets are key drivers for Gurit.

COMPOSITE: This is our core business and summarises the material offering and the technology which we want to master to its full extent.

SOLUTIONS: Our offering extends beyond the development and manufacture of composite materials. We are also specialists in providing complete solutions including materials, engineering, tooling, materials kitting and component production.